The Man who Looks Like Garbage


Filthy he walks under the weight of a pile of trash, Filthily they look on as his steps disgust the streets, Filthy is the stench of his trash. Filth gets him condemned, To God, a divine disgrace he’s declared. The man who looks like garbage   Into the abyss there he goes, Where would that mountain of filth go except with him to damnation? Where would the man take the garbage except into...

Poem: Except Under Grace.

If grace is an ocean;
Am drowning
If grace is a fire;
Am consumed
If grace is a mad dog;
Am devoured
If grace is a speeding car;
Am run over
I don’t have a life;
Except under grace

Merit and demerit;
Don’t give me law
Unmerited favor;
Is my innate desire
For my deserving;
Is undeserving
My performance;
Is nothing but filth
I don’t have a life;
Except under grace

©2014 Daniel N. Mategyero