Lent: Nike or Jesus?


Back in 1988, Nike produced the first commercials with their new slogan: “Just do it.”  They featured images of people doing amazing things in the world of sports through determination, discipline, and lots of hard work. The message was clear:  What are you waiting for, you lazy idiot.  Just. Do. It. Sure, it will take time and effort.  There may be pain involved, and it certainly won’t be easy...

Your Perfectionist Friend


“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”—John 15:13, ESV Demands mark the lives of perfectionists. Since they only desire the “best” (however best is defined), they engage in a life-long mission of control—controlling first the situation around them and also the people in their lives. Because they have an idea of what the life they desire looks like...