AuthorLeslie Martin

The Rev. Dr. Leslie Martin is an Archdeacon in the Anglican Diocese of Pankshin (Church of Nigeria), where he serves in the role of Canon Theologian. He also is a Lecturer at Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo. He has many other titles and accomplishments that are really uninteresting to most people. A missionary educator from the United States, his interests include applying the Theology of the Cross to present-day culture, Liturgics, and how theology can enrich addiction recovery ministries. His most important title is husband to Kate, his beloved wife.

Lent: Nike or Jesus?


Back in 1988, Nike produced the first commercials with their new slogan: “Just do it.”  They featured images of people doing amazing things in the world of sports through determination, discipline, and lots of hard work. The message was clear:  What are you waiting for, you lazy idiot.  Just. Do. It. Sure, it will take time and effort.  There may be pain involved, and it certainly won’t be easy...