AuthorFesto Kivengere

Bishop Festo Kivengere (1919–1988) was a Ugandan Anglican-Christian leader sometimes referred to as "the Billy Graham of Africa". He played a huge role in a Christian revival in southwestern Uganda, but had to flee in 1973 to neighboring Kenya in fear for his life after speaking out against Idi Amin's tyrannical behavior. Bishop Festo was one of the main speakers at an event called "Eurofest '75" held at the 1958 World Fair site in Brussels, Belgium. He spoke alongside Argentinian evangelist Luis Palau and Dr Billy Graham.

Festo Kivengere: Fellowship is Not Uniformity


To have fellowship is not to have uniformity. It is the drawing presence of Jesus Christ, the Light of God, penetrating me and shining on my brother so that we inevitably are drawn toward each other, and into fellowship. What makes it possible for us to go on walking and working together peacefully? St. John tells the secret: “…and the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, keeps on cleansing us...